Gluten free products that you will love!

Everything baked by the team at Bakeworks is made from scratch, the old fashion way, using only the very best ingredients that are free of gluten. Our passion for good food has led us to develop an innovative and creative range of gluten free breads & biscuits that taste unbelievably good!  We get great satisfaction from being able to offer all customers a healthy & tasty alternative, especially those with gluten and other food allergies.
We hope you enjoy our gluten free range as much as we enjoy baking it! 

Go on, give your body a break, go gluten free!

Why we sprout and activate our seeds..

Bakeworks creates high quality products, working from the very start of the process to you purchasing it. That means that we can ensure that the product you’re consuming, has been made ethically, with care and to a high-standard. Why? Because you are important to us.

So where exactly does the whole process start? Right from the seed!

The first day of our products life-cycle, sees us soaking the seeds and carefully preparing it for its germination over the next couple of days.  As we start to sprout the seed, it uses its carbohydrate store as energy to grow a strong plant. This breaks down the structure of the carbohydrate,  resulting in a less complex, easily digestible final result.

On the second day, we drain the seed and position it in a manner suitable for sprouting.

Then on the third day, the true beauty begins. Life fills the seed and it sprouts. At this point, you can feel an immense amount of heat coming out of the sprouting buckets. This is the seed generating all of its energy to grow into a plant and it is quite an amazing thing to witness.

As the fourth day swings around, the seeds are dehydrated at very low temperature levels and weighed.  This makes sure that all the important nutrients remain strong and are locked in, within the seeds.

The penultimate fifth day, sees us prepare to complete the process. The seeds are rehydrated by being soaked overnight.

Then comes the sixth day when all of our careful planning and hard works comes together. We grind the seed mix into a specific size that helps to further absorb nutrients and finally bake!

sprouted seeds home st bakeworks

Although this process takes a significant amount of time and care, we believe that the final product is all worth it. Highly nutrient, easily digestible, quality products that we are proud to present for your pleasure.

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What makes our Home St. bread healthy

Where other brands may focus on keeping their costs and effort as minimal as possible, we see the value in making sure our bread products are up to a high standard. Although this often means more hard work, the results are undeniably worth it. Just take a look at some of the statistics.

Just 2 Slices of Home.St Bread give you 20% of your daily fibre. Fibre is an essential part of a well-rounded, healthy diet. It can be of huge assistance in preventing diabetes, heart disease, some cancers and is often associated with high digestive health. Because eating foods high in fibre will make you feel fuller for longer, it can also help you to eat less and loose wight.

Our Breads have sodium levels of 200mg/100. This is about half of what most breads contain which is usually around 400mg/100. Lowered sodium levels are of importance in minimising risk of hypertension and stroke. It is particularly important for people looking to lower their blood pressure.

We work to actively lower the sugar levels in our products. Home.St’s bread and bun products use rice malt and coconut nectar as its sugar source and only the amount needed to feed the fresh yeast for growth. It is no surprise that lowered sugar levels help to reduce risk of a huge amount of disease and illness, as well as supporting brain development. We all know the many dangers of high sugar intakes and so Home.St does its best to help you out.

We are big believers in making food that is healthy, delicious and affordable. So, that’s what we do. We are recognised as one of the best in the business by many experts and customers, including My Food Bag, who uses us in their Gluten Free option. If you want to move toward a healthier diet, but aren’t willing to compromise on taste, look for the Home.St packaging - you wont look back.

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What Makes Our Sprouted Pizza Bases Great?

When you think about healthy food, pizza rarely comes to mind as a viable option. However, our take on the classic Pizza Base, fits perfectly into a healthy lifestyle as a fun, delicious alternative that allows for experimentation and variety.

Because of our careful seed sprouting method, we know exactly what is going in to our products and can reassure you that all the best nutrients remain locked in for a health-conscious meal. By spending almost a week making sure that the seeds are looked after and worked with properly, we begin the process of making our pizza bases with health and taste in mind. Of course, the nutrients aren’t only important in maintaining positive health, they are also play a huge role in making the pizza bases taste as good as they do.

From these early stages of production and throughout the rest of the process, we are able to ensure fibre levels remain high and sodium levels remain low. This is beneficial in decreasing the risk of heart issues, stroke, diabetes and even some cancers. On top of this, you will will feel fuller more quickly, which help manage weight and spending. That means that you don’t need to feel guilty when indulging in our pizza bases with your favourite toppings - go on treat yourself!

All this health talk usually means that flavour is compromised, however we have worked to maintain a traditional texture and awesome taste that situates itself as one of the best around. Mix all this in with a crispy edge and solid ‘bite’ and you have got yourself a dish that will impress.

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